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Specialty Waterworks Tools

Drum Hustler II


Used for moving 15 to 85 gallon plastic, metal, or fiber drums that have a top outer lip. Drums can be moved easily because of the unique telescopic and ergonomic design. 16″ pneumatic tires are supplied for going over rough terrain. The unique slide bar design makes it easy to place a full drum on or off an elevated surface (such as a pallet), while keeping the load centered over the axle. Break-over is assisted by a foot pedal.

Fully adjustable for different size drums. This is the safest and most advanced drum truck available because the operator never has to touch the drum, thus eliminating crushed fingers, toes, and back problems. Capacity is 1,000 lbs. Red powder coated and shipped partially assembled in two separate cartons. Platform assembly available which converts drum hustler into standard hand truck.



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