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Curb Stop and Service Box Wrenches

Curb End Wrench/Curb Key, Standard T Handle


Curb wrenches are used for operating a curb box, including the Buffalo style curb box. The curb ends fit directly onto the “T” head of the curb stop, and can also be used on meter valves, such as in a meter pit. Standard curb end is 1¼” round steel with machined ⅝” wide slot, ⅝″ deep. We also offer a large curb end machined from solid 1¾″ round steel with a ¾″ slot.

Curb end wrenches are available in lengths from 3′ to 12′, and come standard with an 18″ fixed handle. Removable handle options are also available for easier transport and storage. Painted with black high gloss enamel.



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