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Valve/Hydrant Setters, Slings, and Puller Kits

¾-1″ Service Line Puller Kit


With our service line puller kits you get all the parts and tools you need to push out old lines while pulling in a new line. For plastic pipe, simply put the plastic pipe splitter in front of the split bull head. The split bull head allows you to clamp onto the cable. If you break a cable you can still mount the split bull head to it, providing it is long enough.

The back of the split bullhead has a 1″ FEIP thread to adapt to our plastic adapter (or your flared or compression male adapter). We also include a starter tool, used to make sure that the old service line will start moving through the foundation or cellar wall. Our cable grab has a large oval link attached to it with a hammerlock. This link can be attached to a chain or directly onto a backhoe bucket tooth.

The heavy duty kit bag has pockets to hold individual parts. Kits available with 50, 75, or 100′ cables, which are brazed on each end. Comes with full instructions.

Kit includes:

Cable grab
Plastic pipe splitter
Split bull head
Starter tool
50′, 75′, or 100′ cable
Heavy duty bag



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