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About the product
These wrench ends are available to the end customers wanting to repair or replace worn or damaged ends. Standard 27/32" flat to point #1 meter pent. 1-1/16" flat to point #2 meter pents also available. Standard Rod Ends 15/16 RD with a 3/8" Slot. 2 Hole End is 1/2" RD steel machine tapered and bent to spec. for two hole lids. Standard Curb End is 1-1/4" RD with a 5/8" Slot. 1" RD with a 1/2" slot also available for rod boxes. 1-3/4" RD with 3/4" slot curb ends are also available upon request. ( Please note typo on the drawing to the left, switch rod end with pent end.)

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
13001Pent End Only-Hvy Wall for SB Wrench. 27/32" flat to point 5 sided waterworks pentagon end wgt 1/2 lb lbs
130022-Hole End Only for SB Wrench. 1/2" round machined steel. wgt 1/2 lb lbs
13003Rod End Only-SB Wrench 15/16" round with 3/8" machined slot. wgt 1/4 lb lbs
13004Curb End Only for SB Wrench. 1-1/4" round with 5/8" machined slot. wgt 1/2lb lbs
13000Large Curb End Only for SB Wrench. 1-3/4" round with 3/4" machined slot. lbs
130071" round rod end only with 1/2" slot for SB Wrench lbs
130081-1/6" flat to point 5 sided heavy duty # 2 meter pentagon end only lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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