Based Mounted Hose Anchor for 2" NPT FxF Coupling

About the product
With our Base mounted hose-anchor, used for flushing fire hydrants, you simply lay it on the curb of the road and drive onto the plate to hold it into place. Has a 2½" FEIP connection in and out for connecting your fire hose from the hydrant to the hose anchor, then you can put a diffuser on the outlet side if needed. Hydrant adapters not included. 1/4" plate is 24" x 12" with a carrying handle. While flushing, water goes down curb side of road instead of washing out soil around the hydrant.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
32054Based Mounted Hose Anchor for 2½" NPT FxF Coupling wgt 38 lbs lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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