Meter Base Spreader Stand

About the product
This unique tool holds a meter firmly while installing, or removing a meter. It holds the meter in place while tightening the meter end pieces, so the meter does not turn. It is also used to hold our Meter Base Spreader (#32047) at different heights, angles, etc. It is very hard for one man to hold the Meter Base Spreader, line it up, and turn the adjuster while holding the new meter. This stand holds the meter or Meter Base Spreader in almost any position to help the installer do his job faster, easier and more trouble free. This tool can be used on most, if not all 5/8, 5/8 x 3/4, 3/4, and 1" meters, with or without readers .

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
40011Meter Holder Installation Tool & Combination Meter Base Spreader Stand wgt 10 lbs lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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