Pipe Descaler/Cleaners

About the product
Used to descale or clean cast iron or ductile iron pipe prior to installing a repair clamp, coupling, mechanical joint fitting, or valve. Available in two sizes, #18001 for 3-12" pipe, and #18002 for 14-36" pipe. Four cutting edges per channel help to get the bulk of the dirt barnicles off the pipe. Cutting edges can be resharpened if needed. MADE IN THE USA

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
180013" - 12" Pipe Descaler/Cleaner 33" wgt 6 lbs Ctn size 10x8x3 6lbs lbs
1800213" - 36" Pipe Descaler/Cleaner 45" wgt 7 lbs Ctn size 10x8x4 lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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