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About the product
This large service line puller kit handles 1¼" - 1½" + 2" pipe. Our bullheads are machined to take a 3/4 - 10 threaded cable stud, which is pressed onto one end of the cable. The other end of the cable is brazed, so that it will not fray. The cable is available in 50', 75' or 100' lengths. The back of the bullheads are FEIP thread. The pushing side of the bullhead is machined to go into the existing service pipe about an inch to center it for pushing. This kit also has a cable grab with hammerlock and oval link assembly. You can put the oval link onto a backhoe bucket tooth, or attach it with another chain. These kits also come with a large cordura kit bag, to store all components. The bag also has a large pouch to store your cable.It has containment straps, and velcro fasteners to hold the cable and all components in place. MADE IN THE USA

*NOTE* Working load limit of the cable is 6000 lbs. HIT cable grabs used with this kit are rated for 8000 lbs, therefore, the cable will break before the cable grab if you exceed the load limits. Cables and cable grabs are not guaranteed against breakage. There are too many variables with hydraulic pressures of excavators and backhoes. Other factors such as, soil conditions, unknown couplings,lines going around obstructions,or other fittings in the line,can help to cause cable breakage. Most municipalities achieve 80-90% of their pulls, when used correctly.
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Product info
Product Number Description Weight
300011¼" - 2" Service Line Puller Kit w/50' Cable (Standard Kit) wgt 43 lbs lbs
300021¼" - 2" Service Line Puller Kit w/75' Cable wgt 54 lbs lbs
300031¼" - 2" Service Line Puller Kit w/100' Cable wgt 68 lbs lbs
300041/2" Cable 13.5 Ton Test per ft.-50'** wgt 1/2 lb lbs
300051/2" X 50' Cable w/ 3/4" Pressed-On Stud wgt 25 lbs lbs
300061/2" X 75' Cable w/ 3/4" Pressed-On Stud wgt 36 lbs lbs
300071/2" X 100' Cable w/ 3/4" Pressed-On Stud wgt 50 lbs lbs
30008B-Screw-On Bull Head 1/14"** wgt 3 lbs lbs
30009B-Cable Grab ** wgt 6 lbs lbs
30010B-Hammer Lock ** wgt 1/2 lb lbs
30011B-Oval Link ** wgt 2.5 lbs lbs
30012B- Tool Bag ** wgt 3 lbs lbs
30013B-Worm Screw wgt 1/2 lb lbs
30014B-Cable Turning Crank wgt 2 lbs lbs
30015C-Cable Cutter wgt 1.5 lbs lbs
30016B-Adapter - 1 1/2" ** wgt 4 lbs lbs
30017B-Adapter - 2" ** wgt 5 lbs lbs
300181 1/4" - 2" Plastic Pipe Splitter wgt 4 lbs lbs
320597/16 X 50FT CABLE W/3/4-10 PRESSED-ON STUD lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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