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About the product
With our service line puller kits you get all the parts & tools you need to push out old lines while pulling in a new line. For plastic pipe we simply put a plastic pipe splitter in front of our split bullhead. We use a split bullhead so you can clamp onto the cable. If our competitors cable breaks you need a new cable. If you break our cable you can still mount the split bullhead to it, providing it is long enough. The back of the split bullhead has a 1" FEIP thread to adapt to our plastic adapter, or your flared or compression male adapter. We also include a starter tool, used to make sure that the old service line will start moving through the foundation or cellar wall. Our cable grab has a large oval link attached to it with a hammerlock. This link can be attached to a chain or directly onto a backhoe bucket tooth. The cordura kit bag has velcro pockets to hold individual parts, as well as a large pocket to hold cable when not in use. The bag folds up together, and has carrying straps attached, kits are available w/ 50, 75, or 100' cables, which are brazed on each end. Comes with full instructions.

*NOTE* 3/8 cable has a working load limit of 3600 lbs. The cable grab used with this kit has a working load limit of 4400 KG, therefore the cable will break before the grab,if you exceed the working load limit. Cables and cable grabs are not guaranteed against breakage. There are too many variables with hydraulic pressures of excavators and backhoes, and other factors such as, soil conditions, and unknown couplings and or other fittings in the line. Most municipalities achieve 80-90% of their pulls,when done properly.
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Product info
Product Number Description Weight
29001¾ - 1" Service Line Puller Kit w/50' Cable (Standard Kit) wgt 29 lbs CTN SIZE 12X12X9 lbs
29002¾ - 1" Service Line Puller Kit w/75' Cable wgt 35 lbs CTN SIZE 12X12X9 lbs
29003¾ - 1" Service Line Puller Kit w/100' Cable wgt 41 lbs CTN SIZE 12X12X12 lbs
290043/8" Cable 7.44 ton test. Per foot price over 100' in length. (Included in Standard Kit) wgt .25 lbs lbs
290053/8" X 50' Cable wgt 12 lbs CTN SIZE 10X8X3 lbs
320283/8" X 50' Cable w/¾" Pressed-On Stud wgt 13 lbs CTN SIZE 10X8X4 lbs
290063/8" X 75' Cable wgt 18 lbs CTN SIZE 10X10X4 lbs
290073/8" X 100' Cable wgt 24 lbs CTN SIZE 13X13X4 lbs
29008Split Bull Head wgt 2 lbs CTN SIZE 4X4X6 lbs
320293/4 - 1" Screw-On Bullhead wgt 2 lbs CTN SIZE 4X4X4 lbs
29009Cable Grab wgt 6 lbs CTN SIZE 10X8X3 lbs
29010Hammer Lock wgt 1/2 lb CTN SIZE 3X3X3 lbs
29011Oval Link wgt 2.5 lbs CTN SIZE 4X4X6 lbs
29012Tool Bag wgt 3 lbs CTN SIZE 8X8X8 lbs
29013Worm Screw wgt 1/2 lb lbs
29014Plastic Pipe Splitter wgt 1 lb CTN SIZE 5X5X5 lbs
29015Plastic Adapter wgt 1 lb CTN SIZE 5X5X5 lbs
29017Cable Cutter wgt 1.5 lbs CTN SIZE 4X4X10 lbs
29018Starter Tool wgt 1 lb CTN SIZE 4X4X6 lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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