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About the product
Used to clean out corporation stops with that are totally or partially plugged .Our standard corp cleaners are made for corps with NPT thread under the tube nut. To use, shut the corporation off, then thread the corporation cleaner onto the corporation and tighten. Use a pipe wrench and tighten the packing cap on top of the cleaner. Open the blow off valve (not shown)slightly, then open the corporation. When water is coming out of the blow off valve, shut it off. Turn and push down on the "T" handle and punch through the blockage in the corporation stop. Retract the "T" handle, shut the corporation off, open the blowoff valve then remove the cleaner from the corporation stop. For corporation stops other than 1" or 1-1/4" NPT threads, we must have a sample corporation stop with the tube nut in order to fabricate to your exact spec. A special order fee will be added to any non-stock corporation cleaners.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
27002¾" NPT Corporation Cleaner wgt 5 lbs lbs
270031" NPT Corporation Cleaner wgt 5 lbs lbs
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