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About the product
We have redesigned our Meter Base Spreader stand into our new METER HANDLER TOOL. It clamps the meter into the stand so you can lower it into place, such as in a meter pit, or simply a holder for new construction or re-metering.
It holds the meter upright, so you can tighten the meter tailpieces without the meter turning.
This tool will hold all types and sizes of meters with and without readers from 5/8, 5/8 x 3/4, 3/4, and 1".
An adapter is supplied with this stand, so you can also hold our #32047 Adjustable Meter Base Spreader.
Simply reverse the direction of the handle, and set the # 32047 (Adjustable Meter Base Spreader) onto the #32048 METER HANDLER STAND,thus eliminating the need to hold the Meter Base Spreader in place. This is the ultimate tool for meter installers.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
32048Meter Handler Stand wgt 10 lbs Ctn size 6x6x18 lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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