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About the product
1" Service box cleaning augers have an offset speed handle , and are used in 1" Erie rod style service boxes with 2-hole or pentagon covers. 1" auger bit available in 4' - 5' - 6' - 7' effective length, overall length is approx 8" over specified length. 2" auger cleaners are used in 2-1/2" curb boxes such as a Buffalo 94 OR 95 E Box.4-1/2" Auger Cleaners are used in 5-1/4" Valve Boxes.Our 2"+ 5" augers feature 2- 1/8" thick dics that have a cutting edge to cut into sand- silt- dirt- cans etc. Our handle assembly is 'T' Style w/ a speed handle on one end. We supply a 3' extension with our #17006 + #17009. 5/16 snap pins connect the extensions and handle assembly for ease of use.Because the extension and handle assemblies are removable, they can be shipped in a 5"x 5" carton for cost effective shipping. 2" augers are shipped in 3"x 3" cartons.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
170011" X 4' Service Box Cleaning Auger wgt 3.5 lbs lbs
170021" X 5' Service Box Cleaning Auger wgt 4 lbs lbs
170031" X 6' Service Box Cleaning Auger wgt 4.5 lbs lbs
170041" X 7' Service Box Cleaning Auger wgt 5 lbs lbs
170052" X 5' Service Box Cleaning Auger - SHAFT ONLY lbs
170062" X 5' Service Box Cleaning Auger w/ Speed Handle and 3' Extension lbs
170094-1/2 " x 5' Valve Box Cleaning Auger for 5-1-4" boxes w / Speed Handle and 3'Extension lbs
170103' Extension only for 2"+ 4-1/2" augers lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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