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About the product
Our Curb keys are normally used in curb boxes such as the 2 1/2" or 3" Buffalo style 2 piece box,or curb boxes of similar design. The curb end on the wrench goes directly onto the "T" Head of the curb stop. It can also be used on meter valves such as in a meter pit. The shaft & 18" Handle are 1/2" SCH 40 pipe. Standard curb end is 1 1/4" RD steel with machined 5/8" wide slot,5/8" deep, which fits most newer sized curb stops up to 2". We also offer a large curb end machined from solid 1 3/4" RD steel with a 3/4 Slot, for an additional charge. Standard 1 1/4" Curb end is supplied unless 1 3/4 is specified. Solid shaft keys are also available upon request. We now offer curb keys with a removeable handle for ease of shipping, and to bypass UPS and FED EXP Large Package Fees. Large package costs alone are over $70.00. Save on LP costs by simply adding the letters RH to the end of any item number, for a removeable handle key. The removeable handle locking sleeve , which is heavy wall DOM seamless steel tubing, has a direct tapped hole with a hardened square head cup point set screw to firmly lock the handle in place. Just like being welded when the set screw is tightened. Try it on your long keys and save alot on freight costs!

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
100153' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 4.5 lbs lbs
100164' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 5 lbs lbs
100175' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 5.5 lbs lbs
100186' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 6 lbs lbs
100197' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 6.5 lbs lbs
100208' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 7 lbs lbs
10020A9' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 7.5 lbs lbs
1002110' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 8 lbs lbs
1002212' T Handle Curb End Wrench wgt 9 lbs lbs
10022A7' Lead Stop Wrench 5/8 Stop wgt 6.5 lbs lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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