Detachable Handle & Socket Key Extension Print

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About the product
Extensions for our Detachable Handle & Socket Gate Keys. 2', 4' & 6' ext's are available. Constructed from 1" SCH 40 pipe for the shaft, and 1-1/4" SCH 40 pipe for the welded on coupling. Drilled with 1/2" holes. Supplied with a 1/2" Hex head bolt & nut. Used with our # 32015 thru #32024 Detachable Handle & Socket Gate Keys.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
32041Detachable Handle & Socket 2' Key Extension wgt 6 lbs Ctn size 30x4x4 lbs
32043Detachable Handle & Socket 4' Key Extension wgt 10 lbs Ctn size 54x4x4 additional handling lbs
32045Detachable Handle & Socket 6' Key Extension wgt 16 lbs Ctn size 78x4x4 additional handling lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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