Telescopic Gate Wrench with Swivel Print

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About the product
Telescopic Gate Wrench 4'-8' and 6'-10' with fixed handle & swivel socket that can be tightened to hold in any needed position. "T" Lock set screw with hardened cup point so you can hold at any height position. No pins or holes to line up. Top slide will not come out of base section. Extra heavy-duty construction. Painted Black high gloss enamel. Now available with removable handle assembly. Simply add an RH after the item number, and save big on shipping costs on long keys! PLEASE NOTE Photo is not correct. See 4-8ft and 6-10ft fixed telescopic gates for correct photo.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
11011-14'-8' Telescopic Gate Wrench w/Swivel End wgt 17 lbs Bundle size 50x25x4 additional handling lbs
11012-16'-10' Telescopic Gate Wrench w/Swivel End. wgt 22 lbs. Bundle size 73x25x4 additional handling lbs
11011-1RH4'-8' Removable Handle Telescopic gate wrench w/ swivel end. Wgt 17 lbs Ctn size 50x4x4 additional handling lbs
11012-1RH6'-10' Removable Handle Telescopic gate wrench w/ swivel end. wgt 22 lbs Ctn size 73x4x4 additional handling lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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