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About the product
Our Centering rod adapters,( invented by my father Harry R Prescott jr ) and improved by WWT, are used in new construction, typically in 2-1/2" or 3" Buffalo style or 2-piece curb boxes such as a 95e. They attach to the curb stop with a stainless steel cotter pin, and are used so that the curb stop remains upright in the curb box. You will always be able to get your wrench onto the top tang of the centering rod adapter. The 1-3/4" disc on top of the 5/8" square shaft keeps the 3/8 " wide operating tang centered in the box to ensure positive contact with the curb stop wrench. Standard size is 12", although some municipalities specify 24" or 36", so they can use shorter curb keys.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
310022½ x 12" Centering Rod Adapter wgt 2 lbs 10-13x13x2 20 lbs 20-13x13x4 40 lbs lbs
310032½ x 24" Centering Rod Adapter wgt 3 lbs 10-26x6x6 31 lbs lbs
310042½ x 36" Centering Rod Adapter wgt 4 lbs 10-38x6x6 41 lbs lbs
310052½ x 48" Centering Rod Adapter wgt 5 lbs 10-5x5x50 51 lbs lbs
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