Pent End Wrench Print

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About the product
Our pent keys are used to remove standard water works pentagon bolts from service boxes, and or meter lids.
Standard pent is 27/32" flat to point. Our pentagon sockets are forged (in house),using seamless DOM steel tubing.
We forge them with a slight taper so they will fit all manufacturers pentagon bolts.
Sockets can be ground down to fit pent bolts that are worn or undersized.
1-1/16" large pentagon sockets for meter lids are also available.
Wrench shafts and handles are 5/8 RD solid steel with 18" handle.
The Hand Pent wrenches have a 5/8" square shaft and handle,and the handle has a pick end and hammer end.
Our plug cover holder (sold separately) holds the plug cover from turning when loosening the pentagon bolt.
Our plug cover holder #999 comes standard with a T-handle set screw to secure it while not in use.
The #999 unit must be attached before welding the handle to the shaft on these pent keys.

Product info
Product Number Description Weight
10000Hand Pent Wrench Pick x Hammer handle wgt 2 lbs ea Pkg size 5x5x5 2 lbs
100012' T Handle Pent End Wrench wgt 5 lbs ea Pkg size 26x18x2 4 lbs
100023' T Handle Pent End Wrench wgt 6 lbs Pkg size 38x18x2 5 lbs
100034' T Handle Pent End Wrench wgt 7 lbs Pkg size 50x18x2 and additional handling 6 lbs
999Plug cover holder for pentagon wrenches with 5/8 round shaft and welded handle.#999 must be installed on the shaft before welding the handle onto the wrench. 3 lbs ea ctn size 6x6x6 lbs
Made with pride in the USA!

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