Russ Prescott started Waterworks Tool Company in 2001 in Barre, MA. Like his father, Harry R. Prescott Jr., he followed in his grandfather's (Harry R. Prescott Sr.) footsteps, working for HR Prescott & Sons Inc., which was established in 1914. As one of the first waterworks suppliers in New England, Harry and Russ made valve keys, rod keys, curb keys and other products while at HR Prescott & Sons. Russ went on and establsihed Hydrant Maintenance Inc., and then went on to help start up Quality Water Products with his father and uncle, Harry and Everett Prescott. Russ managed the New Concept Tool division of Quality Water Products until 2001. Harry and Russ appreciated using components and products that were produced in the USA. In 2001, when Russ started Waterworks Tool, his main objective was to manufacture his products using USA made components.

We have supplied some of the largest distributors in the industry for over 13 years and have a large inventory to serve you. Our tools are not returned with imperfections because we take pride in the way they are made. We guarantee our products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of sale, provided that such products are used properly and for their intended purpose. We also guarantee your satisfaction.

We know our products are the best, the strongest, and are made in the USA with pride! We have the water works and fabrication experience, plus the right equipment to design and add new tools and products to our industry line.

****If you have an idea for a new tool or product, call us and we'll work with you to develop and produce it.****

"Expect the best, that's all we carry!" Call Waterworks Tool Company and remember, "You get what you pay for."